"After only 2 years in branding "playground”, G’Brand has showed its talent, fineness and passion on creativity. Its creative products are being continuously produced by its "obsessive” passion. The endeavors of G’Brand, a local creative agency, in a not-popular-industry look adventurous, however, nothing can prevent its "determined” obsession.”
- Quoted from the article "G’Brand and its branding obsession” in Marketing Magazine 48/2008. -

"Having G’Brand work side-by-side with us was a pleasure. I was impressed by their creative team - it captivated our thinking, then created fantastic products for us. Immediately after adopting G’Brand’s new brand identity work, our revenue grew by 237%. It was unbelievable!”
- Smartdoor (Thien Phu Industrial Group) in 2009. -

" We have worked with the G’Brand team for two years now. It has been hugely rewarding. Our campaigns were implemented, consistently, from strategy to creative. G’Brand’s work helped boost our sales from VND 300 billion to VND 1,100 billion in just 2 years.”
- PTI (Postal Telecommunications Insurance Corporation) in 2010. -

"No advertising, service rates are among the highest in the advertising industry, G’Brand, however, became a notable name that receives trust and respect from big clients as their brand architect.”
- Quoted in the article "Being unique is the competitive potential” on http://vef.vn/2011-04-22-su-khac-biet-la-tiem-luc-canh-tranh on 22 April 2011. -

"360o GREEN, created and produced by G’Studio and broadcasted in ANTV is a great contribution to Vietnam’s energy security strategy. I believe that, this impressive and meaningful television program will attract the public attention so that more and more people will joinly contribute and act to build a greener and better living conditions for the Vietnamese.”
- Mr Nguyen Hoa Cuong, President of GELEX Corp. (Tổng công ty CP Thiết bị điện Việt Nam - GELEX) on 17th February 2012 said that. -

"Your efforts have brought back fruitful results, our company, Bluebird has had the most perfect event, and of course, many of our customers and business partners were curious to know which event company has helped us created and executed this unforgettable event… Thank you very very much, we hope to have more chances working with JC Team in very near future”
- An email from Bluebird JSC., to JC after the event JC did for the wine & spirit company. -