Incorporated in Singapore, GroupG Aromatics (GroupG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd) is aimed to offer the food industry more than just flavors. We also deliver concepts, ideas and complete solutions that include additional functional ingredients, fruit preparations, or microencapsulated product components in addition to flavors themselves. GroupG developed its own brand of fruit products called Jucianno. Our company began distributing Jucianno products to the Southeast Asia market right after its establishment. Besides, we supply a world of fragrances for both personal-care and home-care applications.

GroupG Aromatics understands that every product has a unique set of requirements – from its desired shelf life and mouthfeel to the sensory impact your customers enjoy when they first open the package. We also understands that every market has its own profile and standard for each flavor, fragrance for fruit preparation product.

We share your desire for a solution tailored to fit your processes and serve your market. Our goal from the beginning was to cooperate with well-known manufacturers who use modern technologies and high quality core ingredients in order to become one of the leading providers of top quality flavor, fragrance & fruit preparation products to the market while still maintaining price competitiveness. It’s a partnership backed by our founders’ more than 10 years of experience in distributing innovative flavours and fragrances for applications ranging from beverages, confectionery and seasonings to cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Currently, GroupG Aromatics distributes flavors, fragrances, essential oils and aroma chemicals from the world leading manufacturer Ungerer (United States), food stabilizers and milk replacer from Condio (Germany), high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and dairy cultures from Dalton (Italia). We also supply our Jucianno product solutions in South East Asia and plan to expand our activities to other regions as well. 

Products of GroupG Aromatics comply with the highest standards and certifications.

GroupG Aromatics. Our products. Your successes.